The Facebook page was opened in March 2016, knowing straight away we needed to do more than just share cat pictures with our neighbors. It took a little time, but an idea unfolded.
Pretty quickly meeting members we noticed a shared sadness. At some point we had all been through the choice of having to let a beloved cat be euthanized based predominantly on financial issues.
An idea was born. To take a silly cat Facebook page & do some real good.
The Asheville Cat Weirdos Emergency Fund was born. In times of financial strain, we’re here to help. If your cat suddenly gets sick, but you just paid rent & can’t afford a visit & treatment, we want to help. If your car broke down but your cat needs their regular medications, we’re here to help.
The emergency fund is just starting but we’ve already made progress. A cat with a rare genetic condition was able to receive a CT scan, & a kitty with an eye injury was able to get the surgery he needed.
It starts small & takes time. With your donations, purchases, & kindness this is all possible.